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About Ergonomics Society of Taiwan


Ergonomics has developed systematically in Taiwan. The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) had organized the domestic ergonomics team to start the discussion of its directions and developments in 1980s. After heated discussions in several meetings, the naming and definition of "Ergonomics" were established. The Ergonomics Society of Taiwan was proposed by professors from diverse universities and relevant research institutions to integrate the human resources of ergonomics. People are working together to improve the capacity of academic research and technical standards, and promote the collaborations all over the word.


Our Story

Ergonomics Society of Taiwan (EST) is established in 1993. Experts and scholars in EST have carried the efforts, supports and dedication on the development of Ergonomics over the years. In order to promote Ergonomics and provide a platform for collaborations, EST holds the annual meeting and seminar every year. With the enthusiastic participation of experts and scholars from the diversity of profession, we have received high praise, and the research publication and sharing have received a wide responses. EST has reached its 30th anniversary in 2023. EST has the responsibility to cultivate the other young generation to step into the next 30-year. The 31st Annual Meeting will be expanded into an international seminar to increase opportunities for domestic young scholars and students to communicate and build up relationship globally.

Conference Chair, EST2024

President, Ergonomics Society of Taiwan

Chris K.W. Su

中華民國人因工程學會(Ergonomics Society of Taiwan, EST)自1993年成立迄今,承載著專家、學者們多年來的努力、支持並致力於人因工程領域的發展。為了推廣人因工程並提供一個讓相關領域之專家學者能定期交流的平台,EST每一年辦理中華民國人因工程學會年會暨研討會。在各界專家學者熱情的參與下,歷屆會議皆獲得好評,研究發表與分享更是得到廣大的迴響。中華民國人因工程學會成立已滿30週年,而立之年能依靠己身本領獨立承擔起應承受的責任,並確立目標與發展方向,是故做為國際知名人因工程學會,中華民國人因工程學會自然肩負培育國內年輕學者邁入下一個30年的義務,故特別將31屆年會擴大舉辦為國際研討會,藉此提高國內年輕學者及學生與國際學者交流、合作的機會。




Meet the Team

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